1 December 2020 16:00-17:15

A digital event on the future of urban landscaping and tree-care

Husqvarna Living City is an annual event where professionals, experts and enthusiasts come together to share knowledge and present ideas about how to impact the future of sustainable urban landscaping and tree care. This year, we’re hosting the entire event exclusively online and we want you to join us. All you have to do is register.

During this exclusive digital event, special guest speakers Winy Maas (award-winning architect and co-founder of MVRDV) and Dan Mabe (Founder and CEO of American Green Zone Alliance) will present their unique insights into creating urban green spaces. Winy and Dan will then take part in a special panel session – which you can also join in with, no matter where you are in the world. We will also unveil upcoming innovations and share sneak peeks of new Husqvarna products.




Valentin Dahlhaus, Vice President Green Space Professionals, Husqvarna Group

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Nature inclusive design & sustainable building in urban areas

Winy Maas, Founding partner, principal architect, urban planner and landscape designer, MVRD

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HUGSI 2.0 - Quantifying the greenness of global cities

Erik Swan, Digital Ecosystem Strategist, Husqvarna Group

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Short break


Data collection and sustainable green space management

Dan Mabe, Founder, CEO of American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA)

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The Carbon Footprint in Lawncare

Jonas Willaredt, Head of Environment & Sustainability, Husqvarna Group

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Sneak Peek: Welcome to the future of large-scale robotic mowing

Olle Markusson, Director of Product Management Robotics, Husqvarna Group

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Panel discussion with Winy Maas & Dan Mabe

Moderated by Eric Tinga, Global Director Marketing & Customer Experience, Green Space Professional, Husqvarna Group

*Program may be subject to change

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Winy Maas
Founding partner, principal architect, urban planner and landscape designer, MVRDV

Nature inclusive design and sustainable building in urban areas

Winy Maas

As co-founder and principal architect of MVRDV, Winy Maas has received awards and international acclaim for his innovative and experimental urban planning and building projects. Winy will be sharing his unique insights on the future of nature inclusive design.

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Dan Mabe
Founder, CEO of American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA)

How to maintain urban areas and green spaces in a sustainable way

Dan Mabe

Dan Mabe founded AGZA in 2008. Since then, AGZA has successfully improved the quality of life for communities and workers alike. Now, Dan is bringing his 40 years of experience and insight to Living City to discuss the future of sustainable green space management.

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